Bypassing KPTI Using the Speculative Behavior of the SWAPGS Instruction
In this whitepaper, Bitdefender demonstrate a new type of side-channel attack based on speculative execution of instructions inside the OS kernel.

Ten Best Practices for Protecting Sensitive Content 
These best practices from Accellion provide ten actionable steps you can take to build a holistic defence of the third party workflow threat surface. 

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Why you need a video first posture
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The Risky Business of Online Collaboration 
CISOs must enable secure online collaboration that balances the protection of sensitive content with the need to share it. All while easing access, preventing breaches, and ensuring privacy. 

Carbon cutting in the datacentre
Cutting emissions cannot be ignored, discover how to be more energy efficient, reduce power consumption, and ultimately cut carbon emissions.

Salesforce & Natterbox, winning together
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Best practices: Deploying the Intel unite solution 
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