Advanced Analytics & Actionable Intelligence for DevSecOps implementations with AWS


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Sumo Logic is the secure cloud-native, machine data analytics platform delivering real-time continuous intelligence across the entire application lifecycle. On a daily basis, Sumo Logic analyses 100+ petabytes of data, performs 30+ million searches, and queries 500+ trillion records. Our customers run massive mission-critical applications on cloud platforms like AWS as well as hybrid cloud infrastructures, and use Sumo Logic to garner intelligence from their machine data for the purposes of delivering security, operational and business analytics to deliver world class customer experience. Born in AWS, Sumo Logic offers native integrations with AWS services.

What you will takeaway from this session:

  • Learn which new tiers, microservices, and new technologies such as containerisation and serverless are emerging on modern cloud platforms that help enterprises deliver high performance, highly scalable and always-on digital services with AWS
  • Learn how enterprises build new apps by adopting DevSecOps lifecycle processes and by using machine data analytics platforms to automate and monitor the complete app lifecycle leveraging AWS cloud migration strategies
  • Learn how enterprises manage operations, ensure app security and compliance, and gain unique business insights into app users and usage by using a next generation SIEM ‘from and for’ the cloud
  • Learn how organisations leverage Sumo Logic's continuous global intelligence service to benchmark performance and usage in real-time (including creating baselines on AWS GuardDuty that can be used as a global benchmarking on AWS security threats)

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Sumo Logic
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