Stand #: B32
Cloud Cyber Security

StayPrivate is a Secure Business Communication solution which protects company communications (emails, messages, file sharing) outside the corporate network. It works with any email, requires virtually no set up, and enables secure, private, GDPR-compliant, two-way communication between a company and its customers and other external contacts.

StayPrivate acts as a secure interface between the (secure) corporate network and the (unsecure) outside world, enabling companies to communicate and exchange information with their customers in a secure, convenient and data compliant way.

StayPrivate is designed to be simple to set up and convenient for both the company and, more importantly, clients to use. Company users can send and receive securely directly from within their current email client. Client users can access StayPrivate from their email via on any computer or device; in a web browser; or by downloading the white-labelled Secure Portal app, available free from iTunes, Google, Amazon app stores.

Ms Tomiris Akhmetova

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