Comsec Global
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For over 30 years, Comsec has provides its clients with cutting edge innovative services and solutions to answer their cyber-security and business needs. The services include penetration testing, red-teaming, incident response, DDoS-simulations, risk assessments, compliance readiness/certifications and cyber drills. Comsec not only assists customers in protecting themselves against threats and breaches, but also gives them the tools to stay ready and protected for years to come.

Comsec has served over one thousand (1,000) organizations in over forty (40) countries, across five (5) continents, making Comsec one of the most experienced information and cyber-security providers in the world.

Thanks to our diverse range of cyber-security experts, Comsec serves organisations across a wide range of industries and verticals. Our clients include start-ups, Fortune-500 companies, leading global finance and insurance institutions, eCommerce businesses, gaming companies, telecommunication suppliers, industrial organisations, national healthcare providers, logistics/public transportation services and government entities.

Mr Ofir Rosenzweig
United Kingdom