ThreatSpike Labs
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ThreatSpike Labs provides the first end-to-end fully managed security service for companies of all sizes. ThreatSpike's software defined security platform takes only a few hours to install after which time all activity on the network is monitored by a team of highly trained analysts and penetration testers. Companies are alerted in real time to any active threats, as well as weaknesses that could be used by attackers at a later time.

ThreatSpike's unique platform allows companies to respond to identified risks and instantly implement protective controls such as web filtering, data loss prevention and network zoning. A unique per seat license model free companies to implement security protections when they require them, rather than being hindered by budget cycles.

ThreatSpike provide free proof of concept security assessments which are estimated to have protected against millions of pounds in damages for those companies who have tried them.

Mr Adam Blake

30 Crown Place, London

United Kingdom