The Importance of Transitioning to an As-a-Service Model


Presentation IoT & Edge Computing Theatre
NI Networks and Infrastructure

Technology Service Providers spend a lot of time focusing on the technology you provide, because that’s what you love. But, it’s more important than ever the industry to put their focus on the customer over the technology. Hear from ConnectWise experts on how to get started on transitioning to the As-a-Service model; and how to make the transition a successful one.

What you will takeaway from this session:

  • As a Service is about the Customer Experience. Customer Experience is not Customer Support. Customer Support is about being reactive. Move to proactivity through customer experience
  • Every company wants loyal customers. Acquiring new customers is expensive. That makes keeping them a necessity. Recurring revenue businesses NEED loyal customers
  • As-A-Service is a business model that enables customers to purchase products and services from an expert provider on a subscription basis. It is putting the customers first a head of technology
  • Expertise allows you to have a seat at the strategic table, and helps justify your existence. You need to help get your people prepared to work with your customers

Director of International Sales
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