Keynote Fireside Chat: How will data collected from IoT devices allow for further strategic insights?


Panel discussion 3. AI & Data Analytics X Keynote Theatre
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IoT devices are everywhere. In trucks, in bins, in factories and even baby monitors. They collect huge amounts of data and the quantity of this data will only grow. This allows for greater insights using artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics. But how can you effectively make the most of this profliferation of information? How can you analyse it properly? And how use AI to get the best strategic insights from this? Join this fireside chat to hear from experts on how to apply this to your business.

What you will takeaway from this session:

  • Harnessing data captured by IoT devices for AI
  • How can they be kept secure and the data be used in an ethical way?
  • Examining what opportunities businesses have when it comes to IoT

Sr. Cloud Advocate
Principal Data Scientist
Senior Analyst, Internet of Things
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