Democratizing Big Data and AI: Benefits for data scientists and businesses


Presentation Data Analytics Theatre
DA Data Analytics

The value of improved data analytics, integration and AI has surged in importance in recent years. Organisations need to employ AI driven decision making to gain competitive advantage and to stay relevant. However, barriers in expertise, technology, talent and data, limits organisations' ability to stay competitive. In this talk we will explore how advances in cloud computing can enable organisations to stay competitive and break the barriers.

What you will takeaway from this session:

  • Democratising data analysis and AI is key for organisations’ success
  • Focusing on data analytics and AI rather than infrastructure removing the complexity of building and maintaining a big data system
  • How cloud is making it easier for organisations to adopt and deploy it, regardless of AI expertise
  • How cloud computing solved these barriers and making it available to the masses

Senior Big Data and AI Specialist
Google Cloud