Delivering the best user experience starts with visibly of the internet and the data center


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When your business depends on highly available cloud based services, delivering the best user experience starts with getting users to your best sources of content. In this session, cloudDNA and Citrix will show you how to move beyond simple data centre metrics and traditional DNS to an intelligence driven traffic management solution that gives you the tools you need to assess the best places to position your content and ensure that even internet outages don’t affect your service uptime.

What you will takeaway from this session:

  • How to dynamically avoid internet outages to keep your services available
  • How to use community based intelligence to best position your content and services
  • Case studies from some recent internet outages and how we’ve helped customers avoid service disruption
  • How to take your service availability to the next level.

cloudDNA Ltd
Principal Product Marketing Manager
Citrix Systems UK Ltd
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