AI as a Service


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AI Artificial Intelligence

Previously, adopting and applying AI capabilities in a software platform or enterprise estate was out of the reach of most developers and required highly skilled experts. Recently, we have seen a rapid growth in the range and capability of cloud native AI services from all the major providers. Armed with a basic understanding of the underlying concepts, developers can now adopt machine learning tools to solve real world business problems and add advanced features to their platforms without needing a multi-year research project. This talk will be based on my book AI as a Service, published by Manning.

What you will takeaway from this session:

  • The range and scope of services available off the shelf today
  • How each available service maps to a specific problem area and how to select a services for your specific context
  • How these services can be adopted by developers through familiar API interfaces
  • Patterns for adoption of AI services that can be used to augment existing systems and platforms with AI capabilities