Coping with the Evolving Threat of Phishing: Risks and Opportunities


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Getting cybersecurity right is not always about the “latest and greatest” attack making the headlines; in fact, the best cybersecurity defenses are built on an underpinning of getting the basics right. In this talk, we examine perhaps the riskiest channel for your users: email. Specifically, we look at ways in which users are targeted by emails from cybercriminals, why these attacks work, and what practices you should put in place right now to provide the most cost-effective protection. Finally, we look to the future: where is this threat going, and how can defenders get one step ahead of attackers.

What you will takeaway from this session:

  • • Phishing attacks will continue to evolve as defenders deploy new defenses
  • Think about this from the attacker’s perspective: it’s all about what is most cost effective (hackers like ROI too!)
  • Getting left behind the technology curve will leave your organization vulnerable
  • Look at ways to augment the traditional Secure Email Gateway market with new defenses

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