Provide reliable user access to apps in hybrid and multi-cloud environments


Presentation Private/Hybrid Cloud Theatre
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With the digital transformation of enterprise IT, companies are embracing services in the cloud, and typically more than one cloud, as well as keeping some services in house. The hybrid multi-cloud is becoming a reality that has to be built and managed by IT teams. This is an additional level of complexity that Citrix has the tools to streamline and simplify. They provide a single management interface and single analytics interface across the multiple clouds abstracted from the underlying technology.

What you will takeaway from this session:

  • Digital Transformation leads to Hybrid Multi-Cloud
  • HMC is much more complicated and difficult to control than a traditional Datacentre based IT environment
  • Citrix provides the tools for ease building, managing and controlling of HMC based IT environments

Lead Systems Engineer
Citrix Systems UK Ltd
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