Effective Zero Trust Strategy Requires Leveraging DNS Data via Threat Intelligence,Policy Control and Automation


Presentation Modern Network & Infrastructure Theatre
NI Networks and Infrastructure

IDC 2019 threat report shows 48% companies planning zero-trust.This relies on in-depth visibility of end-point behavior, for collecting network data to detect threats. DNS sees 95% of traffic going through every network. Contextual analysis of DNS traffic allows building threat intelligence for detection at micro-segment level. This offers ML possibility for exposing zero day malicious domains and DGAs, leading to predictive security. Automating management of security filtering policies further enhances overall network security. Learn how to leverage your DNS data to enhance zero-trust.

What you will takeaway from this session:

  • DNS has unique visibility over 95% of network traffic
  • DNS traffic analysis provides valuable data for zero trust strategy
  • Brings capability for exposing zero-day malicious domains and DGAs
  • DNS data made available to SIEMs and SOCs strengthens overall network security

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