Want to play chess with Garry Kasparov?

Garry Kasparov first discovered the potential of AI during his famous matches against the supercomputer Deep Blue. Ever since, he’s spoken about future tech, most recently as Avast’s security ambassador.

On Thursday 10th October at Digital Transformation EXPO Europe, Kasparov will be talking about Ethics and Responsibility in the Age of Artificial Intelligence. It's a hot topic, and it will be fascinating to see one of the world's great minds share his take on it, where he will also be joined by Avast's CEO, Ondrej Vicek. 

What's more, after he gets off the stage, he will be playing several games of chess at the same time, against a selection of DTX visitors (and the clock!). Can you match the supercomputer of 1997 and defeat a Grand Master? 

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Further information will be sent via email and successful participants will be announced at the event. 

Garry Kasparov image