AppCheck NG
Stand #: R510
Cyber Security DevOps

AppCheck Ltd is a software security vendor based in Leeds UK, that offers a leading security scanning platform that automates the discovery of security flaws within organisations websites, applications, network, and cloud infrastructure. Our proprietary and innovative scanning technology is built and maintained by leading penetration testing experts, offers unparalleled accuracy and detection rates. Our continuous aim is to bridge the gap between manual and automated testing and to emulate the process of a manual penetration tester.

Whilst we provide extremely thorough infrastructure testing, our area of specialism lies within testing complex websites and applications. Not only do we detect vulnerabilities with known signatures, it’s our ability to detect some of the hardest to reach security flaws using a first principles methodology, is why we're trusted by some of the worlds most recognised brands.

Users can run unlimited and continuous scans and can track and analyse discovered vulnerabilities through the vulnerability management platform. All licences come with unlimited users meaning multiple departments can run scans against a variety of environments such as live, UAT and SDLC enabling our software to discover vulnerabilities 24/7.

Our commercial model is very transparent which is delivered through our trusted global partner program and direct team which is based in Leeds.

Mr Ben Jackson
0113 887 8380
United Kingdom