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We are a specialist technology and cyber security company providing a complete portfolio of services to clients across the UK and Europe.

With maximum fines from the ICO now up to EUR20 million (or 4% of annual global turnover – whichever is the higher), and the average fine in 2018 now double those imposed in 2017 (average £146,000 Jan-Sep 2018), companies are now focusing more energy on breach prevention than ever before.

Cyber Security Networks and Infrastructure

Our experts can help you to reduce the risk of your organisation being subject to punitive fines resulting from security incidents and improve how you respond to ever-changing security threats.

Our approach is to help you understand your current cyber security posture and assess how your organisation compares to best practice and industry standards. We can help you plan, design and implement cyber security projects to reduce your exposure to risk, and improve your ability to react to security incidents.

Our services include:
• Managed Security Services
• Cyber Security Testing and Auditing
• Cyber Security Reviews
• Monitoring and Detection from our 24 x 7 x 365 Security Operations Centre
• Penetration Testing
• Breach Detection and Response (SIEM)
• Incident Response
• Managed Cyber Services
• Phishing Testing and Staff Training

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