David Cook
David Cook
Solicitor Advocate
Eversheds Sutherland

David is a Solicitor Advocate specialising in cyber security and data protection compliance and litigation.

His experience spans advising FTSE 100 companies on their cyber security posture and data protection programmes, through to advising on investigation and response following some of the most significant and high profile (and highly confidential) hacks of UK corporate bodies.

David has also successfully defended alleged hackers from Anonymous, TeamPoison and LulzSec.  He has advised police officers on the law behind and pitfalls involved in cyber crime prosecutions from the North West, South Wales, Yorkshire and Humber police teams, as well as a course at the Royal College of Policing.

He frequently works with academia and government in driving forward the evolution of cyber security controls frameworks.

He is sought out for comment by newsprint and television media and is a noted public speaker in this area.  Attendees frequently comment that David’s talks are lively, engaging and always enjoyable.