Javier Ramirez
Javier Ramirez
Technical Evangelist

I work as a Technical Evangelist at AWS to help developers make the best of cloud, so they can focus on solving interesting problems and rely on AWS for performance, scalability, elasticity, and security.

I love data storage, big and small. I have extensive experience with different SQL, NoSQL, Graph, in-Memory, and BigData solutions. I like distributed, scalable, always-on systems.

Before working at AWS I spent 20 years developing software professionally and sharing what I learnt with the community. I've spoken at events in more than 15 countries, mentored dozens of start-ups, taught for 6 years at universities, and trained hundreds of professionals on cloud and data engineering.

Having co-started 3 companies, I bring a startup mentality even when working with large corporations.

My Sessions
Building Data Lakes and Analytics on AWS
Presentation AI, Big Data and Analytics Theatre
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