Applying Intelligent Automation to radically transform your business
This webinar will help you to take the practical steps towards meeting your challenges by the adoption of Intelligent Automation with Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Process Orchestration, AI Capture, Mobility & Communication and Process Intelligence. 

The Power of Communications Data to Drive Employee Productivity and Customer Engagement 
Explore how gathering insights from communications data can increase productivity and give rise to greater operational efficiencies within your organisation. 

Cloud communications made easy - 8 difficult questions to ask!
Cloud communications offer clear advantages over traditional PBX telephony systems but to get the right solution for your organisations it’s essential to look beyond features and functionality. 

Applying AI to save lives: How did Microsoft make drones self-aware? 
Drone use has increased dramatically, but imagine if they were self-aware and smart? What could they do for businesses and how could they save lives? 

What makes a good SD-WAN solution?
For a top down look at the principles behind SD-WAN, the typical problems that it aims to solve, the business case to justify the budget and more.