Digital transformation can be complicated.
We’re here to simplify it.

Digital Transformation EXPO is the new mega event from the creators of IP EXPO, encompassing the popular IP EXPO event series, the global Cyber Security X event series and the new Ai-Analytics series.

This un-missable event series is your one-stop-shop for digital transformation, fighting through the jargon for you and helping your teams learn, understanding and take action to drive successful implementation.

Covering key topics, including network and hardware, cyber security, developer & community, AI and analytics, IoT and Blockchain, Digital transformation EXPO does the hard work for you and brings suppliers and the greatest minds in the industry together for two days, with 7 events, across 2 continents for your convenience.

With events taking place in London, Manchester, Stockholm, Dallas, Atlanta and Chicago, if you’re an IT guru or a cyber pro, then you need to add these events to your calendar. Whatever your interests, pain points or aspirations there is definitely something for you.

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Industry news

How the “CIO cycle” endangers digital transformation
How the “CIO cycle” endangers digital transformation

The role of the CIO is changing dramatically, and expectations have never been greater. What was once central to the job — namely operating IT — has made way for the pursuit of digital transformation. 

5 Surprising Unstructured Data Trends
5 Surprising Unstructured Data Trends

For the last couple of years, Western Digital and 451 Research have taken a snapshot of the industry’s data challenges, by collecting the experience and opinions of real IT practitioners. This year they once again reached out to survey IT professionals to learn about current unstructured data trends. 

IP EXPO Manchester Quiz
IP EXPO Manchester Quiz

Test your enterprise IT pop culture knowledge, share your score with colleagues, and see if you could do with a visit to IP EXPO Manchester this April!


Join us at IP EXPO Manchester

Combining the power of the IP EXPO Event Series, Cyber Security Event Series, and AI-Analytics X. Wherever you are on your digital transformation journey, there is plenty to satisfy your needs at IP EXPO Manchester, join us at Manchester Central 3-4 April 2019! 

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