PANEL: Keeping competitive: Creating a digital culture using technology translators


Panel discussion 1. DTX Keynote Theatre

Transforming your business to a truly digital company is not just about the technology. 70% of digital transformation projects fail and this is often down to cultural and people problems. How can you take your people on a journey to ensure the technology is used in the right way and create a truly digital culture, that opens up new business models, growth and revenue streams? Hear from existing and former CTOs and how they did, where they went wrong and their advice for you and your digital transformation journey.

What you will takeaway from this session:

  • Tactics versus strategy: What should you put in place within your organisation to drive digital transformation?
  • Improving the efficiency of the operating model through digitisation: Examining case studies
  • Changing the business model: How realistic is this and where should companies focus?

Global Director for Digital, Data and Analytics
CTO, Digital Accelerator Platform
Senior Advisor
Former CIO, & Director
Ridley Industries (CTO Advisory)
Editorial Director