The evolution of IoT: Augmenting the shop floor with robotics and AI


Presentation IoT & Edge Computing Theatre
AI Artificial Intelligence

The initial years of IoT adoption, especially in the industrial sector, has been about adding or extending instrumentation of machinery. This is just the starting point for the use of techniques such as Machine Learning, and other branches of AI, to gain insight from this contextual data. That, in turn, allows the development of tools and techniques that become part of the workflow process which also encompass these branches of AI often at the edge. One example is autonomous robots on the shop floor. The word robot describes many use cases and differing levels of technology; hence 451 Research has a 9-level classification for autonomous robots to help the overall understanding of this emerging area and to track its development. This talk explains this classification with existing examples and data.

What you will takeaway from this session:

  • IoT is a silo buster
  • Understand the difference between an industrial robot, a cobot and a self-driving vehicle on the 9-level scale
  • AI and robotics doesn’t always mean replacing people
  • Directional data showing industry trends towards AI

Senior Analyst, Internet of Things
451 Research