Technical Workshops

If you are like other organisations, then you're overrun with requests to roll out new applications, and those requests are growing rapidly.  How do you respond quickly to the increasing demand from the business?

Well, we've introduced the DTX Technical Workshops to provide you access to both technical experts and the latest technology to assist you in your new technology decision-making process!

Through hands-on demos, white boarding and brainstorming to help you quickly adopt and deploy the solution you are considering, our technical experts are ready to work with you across an hour and a half, onsite at DTX Europe.

We'll assist you in delivering the adaptability, innovation and competitive differentiation that is demanded from your business.

To register your interest and learn more about the Workshops, please click on the logos below.

We are running a number of Technical Workshops on the following topics:

Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation (KIPS)

KIPS is a strategic simulation for cybersecurity decision makers that focuses on current and emerging threats.  For more information, click the blue button below.

Third Party Risk from Onboarding to Monitoring Tips & Tactics

Onboarding vendors can be time-consuming process for procurement teams and even companies with the best intentions can have bottlenecks if they don't put proactive processes in place.  For more information click the blue button below.

Activate Your Data with Veeam DataLabs

In short, Veeam DataLabs lets organisations leverage their data so that it not only serves as simply an insurance policy for availability, but also as an enabler of business acceleration.  For more information, click on the blue button below.


In-depth technology briefings

Comprehensive technology briefings deliver expertise and advice necessary to build and adapt IT environments for your business.

Product demonstrations

Hands-on modelling, industry showcases, interactive product simulation and tutorials

Solution workshops

Workshops to learn about the latest innovations in cloud, security, analytics and more.  Technology that's required to build and adapt IT environments for today's constantly changing business requirements.

Proof of concept & technology

Sign up to a hands-on experience and tailored demonstrations of functions or aspects of technology, to help you make IT and business decisions.  The workshops are in-depth, extended technical session covering a range of business critical topics in a practical and interactive format.

Sign up to a Technical Workshop!

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