DTX TV consists of a selection of great thought leadership and knowledge from some of our key partners from around the enterprise IT industry. Tune in to get a taste of the knowledge set to be shared at Digital Transformation EXPO Europe 2019! 

       The channel consists of:

       (You can select one of the below videos by clicking the more videos icon).

  • The Introduction to Digital Transformation EXPO panel
  • Donnie MacColl from HelpSystems - What is RPA? - Glassboard.
  • Artificial Intelligence Panel - with Colin Fernandes from Sumo Logic and Patrick Smith from Pure Storage. 
  • Neil Martin from Panda Security - How anti-virus has evolved into end point detection and response with threat hunting - Glassboard
  • Cyber Security Panel - with Scott Nicholson from Bridewell Consulting, Tushar Imam from Comsec Global, Richard Agnew from Code42, and Dan Pitman from Alert Logic. 
  • Dan Boddington from StarLeaf - Enterprise-ready communications and collaboration - Glassboard.
  • Cloud Technology Panel - with Steve Blow from Zerto, Aaron Aldrich from Navisite, and Richard Czech from Wasabi. 
  • Stephen Thair from DevOps Group – What is a DevOps culture? - Glassboard
  • Big Data Panel - with Aaron Aldrich from Navisite and Russell Barley from 1&1 IONOs. 

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