The Digital Transformation EXPO Manchester 2020 theme is...Powering the Northern tech revolution

From 2020, each DTX event will have an overriding theme. The theme takes something unique about that event and brings it into focus, to give you, the event visitor, something to remember and be inspired by, both in the run up to the event, and in the venue.

A spirit of innovation and the unique sense of community that we have in the North of England, Scotland and Wales powered the industrial revolution, and is now driving digital mastery. You and your community are powering the Northern Tech Revolution.

Why Powering the Northern Tech Revolution?

The North of the UK was the home of the industrial revolution, and now startups and blue chip companies across the North, Scotland and Wales are powering the digital revolution and Industry 4.0.

A core reason that these companies are thriving is the unique sense of community that is found in their home cities and metropolitan areas. From, Sensor City in Liverpool and Glasgow’s Data Lab, across the North of Britain there are countless examples of innovative minds, strong investment and a community spirit combining to achieve greatness. What’s more, organisations such as Manchester Digital, Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, MIDAS and Marketing Manchester are driving Manchester’s digital agenda.

Join the revolution, join the North's biggest IT event.

Stephenson's Rocket to rocket-powered satellites - a visual library of Northern industrial achievement

The artwork to the right shows the movement from heavy industry to digital mastery, highlighting iconic industrial masterpieces, from Stephenson's Rocket to molecular dynamics, and regional landmarks that you know and love, including Glasgow University, the Angel of the North, Manchester Central and the Liver Building.

Find the bee

The Artifical Bee Colony (ABC) is an optimisation algorithm used in computer science, mimicking bee colonies to send scouts to find the most fruitful solution and report back to the group.

The buying process for technology is done increasingly by a network of influencers and decision-makers across functions, and no longer by a single Queen Bee.

The bee is a true icon of community, collaboration and working together to achieve a common goal. And is the symbol of Manchester, the home of the event.

Get your free pass today, and prepare to see the theme come to life on site, and play your part in the revolution.

What can you expect?

Look out for the artwork, and some iconic figures from technology throughout the ages. Some will be in places you'd expect, some may surprise you. On site at the event the whole theme will be brought to life before your eyes.