Ethics and Responsibility in the Age of Artificial Intelligence


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AI Artificial Intelligence

AI technology is a key component of IoT devices such as self-driving cars, and smart home devices. While some of the functionalities of IoT devices may currently still be in their infancy, the high bandwidth and speed provided by 5G networks will offer entirely new usage opportunities in the near future. Low latencies will allow for virtual and augmented reality applications that offer truly immersive experiences, for remote surgeries, and autonomous decisions taken in traffic by self-driving cars. For these technologies and for the AI behind them to work, they need to be fed with big data, often based on motion, audio, and visual input. This data can be highly sensitive, with machines knowing a person’s habits better than themselves. Along with this data and powerful AI technology to analyze such data, come risks to people’s security and privacy. These risks are caused, on the one hand, through the negligence of vendors, telecommunications and telecom infrastructure providers, and on the other hand by abusive regimes, businesses, and cybercriminals.

Garry Kasparov, former chess world champion, became the proverbial man in the "man vs. machine" competition during his famous chess matches against IBM Deep Blue in the 1990s, and ever since he has been engaged with AI and human-machine interaction. As chairman of the Human Rights Foundation in New York, and Avast Security Ambassador, today he discusses how technology can be used for good, and for bad, and at DTX, he will be speaking with Ondrej Vlcek, CEO of Avast, about AI and new technologies’ impact on people’s privacy and security. Ondrej Vlcek has driven AI in cyber security in its early days.

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