Industry 'All Secure Standards' to Ensure Safe Delivery of Events

What are these measures?

The government will shortly announce approved standards and measures that will enable organised events to run safely again in the UK.

Following comprehensive assessments for different event formats, sizes and audience profiles we will be focused on four key pillars: Physical Distancing, Cleaning & Hygiene, Protect & Detect, Communication.

Clarion Events has been a lead consulting partner to government on these standards. As is always the case, our #1 priority is to ensure that we keep our event participants safe.

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The Pillars

Physical Distancing
Cleaning & Hygiene
Protect & Detect

Contact us for more detail

As a result of our involvement with these standards, we’re very close to the considerable detail on this, so please feel free to call your account manager to run through the full document in detail, or get in touch with Imago Techmedia's Managing Director, James McGough, via the button to the right.