Siyka Andreeva
Siyka Andreeva
ITOA Specialist, EMEA

Siyka is Bulgarian born but naturalised German and spent most of her life in Northern Germany, just to end up in the UK with her partner. Siyka is a mathematician and holds a PhD in Finite Groups and Graphs. After teaching at University of Kiel for a few years, she devoted her time to Data Centre Management and AIOps. Her background in ITOA is based around Monitoring, Event Management and ML powered IT transformational projects. Before joining the Specialist team, Siyka spent a year in the UK Channel team as a Partner SE. She joined Splunk from Moogsoft, where she was working on MoM and legacy Event Management tool replacement covering EMEA.

Siyka spends most of her off time travelling, adding as many countries to her list as possible each year (current standing at 41). She loves yoga and a range of outdoor activities including snowboarding, surfing, sailing and mountain biking. This can be confirmed by most of the Paddington office, who have seen her on crutches over the last few weeks.

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