Innovation Station

Come and test out the latest cool technologies from AR to VR, including virtual reality racing driving while seeing advanced technology from the world’s most innovative companies.

VR Racing Games

Get behind the wheel and take part in the virtual reality racing driving. Compete with others at the event to see who is the fastest person and get yourself on the top of the leaderboard.

Arcade Machines

We have a selection of arcade machines for you to play including Donkey Kong, Crazy Taxi, Space Invaders, Pac Man, Double Dragon and Frogger.

Sail GP

Like the Americas Cup but on a level playing field as all teams have identical boats with full function voice-activated data analytics (“a chatbot like Alexa on steroids”) created by Oracle with several races around the world.

Oracle are bringing a video and Sail GP staff to explain how it works.

World Bee Project

The project analyses bee migration and activities globally including bee facial recognition (yes, you read that right) which means they can shut down hives when predators appear which saves/preserves the bee population, which is essential to all life on earth!

Oracle are bringing a hive, plastic bees, a video, 2 people from World Bee Project and more surprises!