The Future of Enterprise Software is Serverless


Presentation Technology for the AWS Cloud Theatre
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Serverless is the new way of creating software. It means moving away from servers and leaving that to the cloud vendor. Instead, you focus on features and business value and use managed cloud services to build powerful applications. Serverless allows you to do more much faster. But how can we say that mass adoption of Serverless is coming to the enterprise? What are the pitfalls? Is Serverless ready for mainstream? Having built many serverless systems on AWS, written a book on it and as creator of a major open-source serverless project, this talk talks about the reality of actual serverless systems.

What you will takeaway from this session:

  • Serverless software on AWS is ready for mainstream adoption
  • There is a significant learning curve with Serverless which cannot be ignored
  • The speed of development and improved cloud economics of serverless are dramatic
  • Taking the wrong approach with serverless can hinder rather than enable rapid growth