Stand #: A46
Cyber Security

Bitdefender is a global IT security software innovator that protects more than 500 million users worldwide. At the core of Bitdefender commercial technologies is the Bitdefender security cloud, which forms a global protective network, handling more than 10 billion requests every day. Among continuous innovations, the flagship enterprise solution, GravityZone is the only elastic management platform, delivering protection across virtualized, cloud, physical, Exchange, and mobile platforms. For Enterprise business customers, cloud providers and service providers, GravityZone delivers the protection, performance, and control required in the modern datacenter. Bitdefender is also leading breakthrough developments in Hypervisor-based Memory Introspection (HV-MI), solving the “context vs. isolation” dilemma, dictating a new standard for virtualized infrastructure security. When choosing advanced threat protection for your virtual, physical or mobile environments, choose to ‘Unfollow the traditional’.

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