NGS | Next Generation Security
Stand #: N320
Cyber Security

Specialists in Next Generation Cyber Security solutions, NGS are based on 5 key principles:
1 - Be disruptive; we look towards emerging and often disruptive technology to challenge the status quo and strive for better security controls.
2 - Do more with less; often in parallel with 1, we look for smart ways yo help improve the security posture whilst helping reduce the overall costs.
3 - See! Now what?; Cutting through the noise and getting to the information that matters is fundamental to improving the security posture. Just as important is the ability to act on the information - and quickly.
4 - UTAA saints; Our very own acronym - User Training, Awareness, and Acceptance. Because the most robust security solutions are worthless if the end user doesn't embrace them. In our experience, the best way to gain buy in is to foster an environment of awareness, creating security champions - not shaming victims.
5 - Cost-effective compliance; no-one chooses compliance, and for some it is a hindrance to business. If we can help to reduce the overall costs, then it will in turn help drive buy-in at board level.

Drop by our stand to learn more about these principles, and be sure to make your way to the Infrastructure Modernisation Theatre on Thursday at 2pm to hear our Head of Technical Services talk about the last security appliance you will ever buy!

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