Neil Trevains
Neil Trevains
Principal Evangelist – UKI DC and Multicloud Specialists

Neil’s career spans over 25 years within the IT industry, with the vast majority of that time being spent in senior management roles.  His responsibilities have spanned from engineer to Chief Technology Officer, primarily in customer organisations.

Neil is a former Chief Technology Officer for two financial services businesses in the City of London, including IT responsibility for the largest revenue generating broking floor in the group.  He joined Cisco four years ago, having spent four years as a director of a Cisco data center portfolio focused sales enablement consultancy.

Since joining Cisco, Neil has been actively involved in driving Cisco’s Software Defined Networking (SDN) strategy within the data center and, more recently, as the Principal Evangelist advancing Cisco’s overall data center and hybrid cloud strategy within its UK partner and customer base.

Neil’s customer experience is central to the approach that he takes when working with customers, partners, and vendors – to uncover the real customer and business benefits from within the wealth of technical options within the Cisco data center portfolio.  His focus is on how infrastructure relates to the applications that organisations rely upon to achieve their tactical and strategic goals – to increase the ‘business relevance’ of infrastructure and the teams that deliver it.  By combining a deep understanding of both the operations and development functions within IT, Neil continues to assist customers, partners, and vendors in ‘bridging the gap’.

Neil is British and married with one son.  He is a member of the British Computer Society.

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