Community - powering the Northern tech revolution

A spirit of innovation and the unique sense of community that we have in the North of England, Scotland and Wales powered the industrial revolution.
Now join the community powering the tech revolution at the North's biggest IT event. 

DTX Manchester welcomes a great many local, national and multinational businesses every year. They attend to get an all-round view of how to successfully migrate to the cloud, optimise network infrastructure, defend their networks from the latest cyber threats, use analytics to power-up business decisions, and to scan the tech horizon to determine the game-changing opportunity of AI, IoT, edge computing and more. 

At DTX Manchester we know that sourcing technology is a team process, whether your team is large or small, and we often see companies bringing several members from their team, adding an even greater community feel to the event.

The following small, medium and large companies will be joining the community – register today to join them.

Some of the most popular job titles registering for DTX Manchester include

You and your community are powering the Northern Tech Revolution, don’t forget to invite your teams when you register!